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All My Hats

Learning by doing is the way I work and it's served me well.

Over the past several years, I've had the pleasure of writing for the San Francisco Chronicle Contra Costa Times, Dance Magazine, Diablo Magazine, Diablo Arts, KALW, KQED, In Dance, and Ballet Dance Magazine. Browse the links to the left to see some of my work.

Please note: If you'd like permission to reprint any articles, contact me.

Recent Work


Dance & Theater Writing

The earth moves for Alvin Ailey's Renee Robinson. (SF Chronicle)

Ugly is beautiful in Wayne McGregor's Eden/Eden at SFB. (CCTimes)

What's on William Forsythe's mind? (02/22/07)

The Age of Chaos -- is it almost over, or are we just starting?? I review Gamelan Sekar Jaya's Kali Yuga.

Aurora Theatre's Permanent Collection: What price art at Philly's Barnes Foundation? (07/06)

Nostalgia for the Nutcracker: This is how I first came to know the world of dance... (12/30/05)

Interview with Baryshnikov: "My religion was the dance, and the stage was my church." (6/14/04)

Interview with Mark Morris: "If you can't have music, you shouldn't have anything."(08/29/03)

Interview with Lin Hwai-Min: "The most wonderful thing about the company is that the same work is appreciated in the villages of Taiwan, or in London, Paris and New York." (10/29/03)

Diablo Ballet commentary: What is it worth to keep the regional arts alive? (08/25/02)


Graphic Work

SFB-camp posterGraphic design is something I've done for various organizations for over ten years. My philosophy is that simplicity is the key to creating the most effective design.

Here's a gallery of my work.

Study guides for San Francisco Ballet's Education department.



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